I have spent years polluting my mind with thoughts of those perfect encounters that made the escort in me. The experience only grew with time, and the making of the courtesan I was to become never ended.

I have been asked by many in the past, and some at present, to share some of my experiences and the highs and lows.

By nature, I never really wanted to discuss any of the above in any detail, except the fact that there were countless highs and many lows, and the rest steady and nice. Over the years, many of my clients made their experiences public through the review forums, so I guess the best vantage point for the thrill seekers was through them. Those intimate moments carefully scripted by them, fuelled by passion, lust and … me of course.

I’m also cautious about offering advice, particularly to other escorts. I treat this subject with care and sensitivity.
But I don’t mind sharing a little of what has worked for me, and served me well.

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As a private escort I never met anybody, ever, without speaking to that person on the telephone. Regardless of how many text messages were exchanged, the phone call was a prerequisite. Listening to the gentleman you are about to meet is like a road map to a destination. You can tell so much about that person, you can build a profile very quickly – and most of the time, very accurately. The rhythm, the tone, the words he uses in that conversation – there is so much you can learn in a few minutes over the phone.
Every escort with even a little experience will quickly get some idea about her client.

There were certain services I did not provide, and often would be asked if I did. Of course saying no and your client accepting it is usually enough, but there were times I felt the need to probe further and see how badly he really wanted that particular service. More to the point – I needed to get a feel for how annoyed, upset or angry he may get when in the heat of passion and arousal, he asks for it and I refuse. Would that be the cause of a good booking going sour, or worse? Filtering through a short conversation helped me to understand better who my client was, and whether I was to accept the booking or reject it. There were a few times that I was wrong, but most times I was right in my assessment. So yes, talking to my client on the phone was my policy.

During the booking, the topic of discussion was another area that I tried to influence. Politics, art, photography and travel were my most favourite subjects, and where I felt most at home. In fact I always tried to steer that direction – and most of my clients seemed to be very comfortable with that.

If there was a situation that required for me to step up and sternly make a stand – particularly where health and safety was an issue – I did so without any hesitation. But even in that capacity I selected an attitude and wording that served to realign and diffuse at the same time. Worst case scenario, I politely ended the booking without the use of inflammatory adjectives.

I was never late to any of my clients, I never probed into their personal affairs, but just as importantly I never ever allowed personal questions about me.

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I never tolerated drugs or drunkenness, it was a policy strictly enforced. Neither was I accepting rudeness and vulgarity. The latter had a place in role play with dirty talk, or just dirty talk when appropriate.

Needless to say, I offered a service most of my clients never forgot – ask not for details.

All of the above are my own personal attitudes, and policies that helped me to be successful and last a long time in the industry. But that was me, it worked for me and it may not work for someone else. I’m not being suggestive either, we are all different and each private escort has developed her own business structure and style that works best for her. We are and always will be the courtesans of our times.

One last word. Does it pay to be an escort? It did for me, and I would do it all over again. But for now … something different.


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