Sex with my female colleague in melbourne

Sex with my female colleague in melbourne

After I graduated, I have been staying in a company in Sydney, speaking of the company, it is actually a store with seven or eight employees, because I am a man and young, I was arranged to sell, and occasionally went on a business trip in the province, mainly delivery and the like, generally short-term. There are not many people in the unit, but the ladies account for more than half, the two older ones needless to say, one is almost fifty years old, the property, one is thirty-nine years old, the cashier, I am indifferent to them, and there are two young people, thinking that they are just graduated students, the more noble one, despise her. There is also a girl named Crystal, 28 years old, that is, I have a good feeling for her girl, speaking of girls, in fact, it is not allowed, she has been married, just gave birth to a child for a year, but the body shape is still perfect, she belongs to the slimmer kind, 166cm head, weighs only 100 pounds, after giving birth to a child, the only change is that the breasts are more round than before. Plus a beautiful face, more flavor.

In the working time, the unit is not too busy, the leader is not in the time we chat, the staff is small, in fact, we are very harmonious, more women, especially the older two, always talk about some adults and the like, they do not shy away from me, may be I am more handsome, and good at pleasing them. In fact, I most want to borrow their topic, harass The Crystal, I and her table, each other and have a good feeling, once not only who mentioned Hui Ren Kidney Treasure, the famous sentence “he is good for me”, because of boredom, they scrambled to express their understanding, the opinion of the sisters-in-law (the older two) is that this is a hint, that is, that matter, can make men more sexual, that thing more frequent.

And Crystal said, in fact, refers to the high quality of each time, I interjected, I agree with the surname of CrystalCrystal), the good thing is that the quality is good every time, longer, longer and not softer, the waist is more powerful, so the frequency is higher, you feel better. Look at the unmarried understand quite a lot, the sisters-in-law saw me talking to Crystal, all of them nuzzled, which made Crystal embarrassed, squinted at me, I lowered my voice and said to Crystal, “In fact, normal people will not buy which food, thank you to me for having a fire, how can I lose.”

Crystal’s face flushed slightly, and he said with disgust, “Who asked you what happened?” I said crystal, “You define it as inaccurate, is it your husband’s too much.” Crystal hesitated for a moment, saw that I had been staring at her, and nodded softly. I said, lean, crystal, are you asking too much of your husband? Tell me, a few times a day.”

Sex with my female colleague in melbourne
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Seeing that she ignored me, she quickly flattered, “Good sister, tell me, and let me have a long experience, talk about it.” Crystal replied, “You think, like you, we only do it once a week.” I said, that’s a great loss to you, you should eat it. I said, “Chinese really bitter, and if you want to be in the United States, you must absolutely reorganize your resources.” Crystal said, “What the whole thing,” said Crystal.

I smiled badly and said, “You have to make up for it, anyway, I am panicked.” Crystal stared at me, playfully holding a book and a book and smashing me, I stood up and hurriedly dodged, the little brother below, already a pillar of power, a yurt high in his pants. Crystal hit it, saw it, looked at me whitely, and said, “Little impropriety.”

Finally one day in late March, Melbourne clients, to use our batch of goods, cash on delivery. Must be in accordance with the requirements of people, hurry to deliver to the factory, because Melbourne is only a hundred kilometers away from Sydney, the goods are more, the leader of the business trip is instructed by telephone, by my car delivery, but the male comrades in the family are only me, and I have to see the money to unload, a person is inconvenient in any way. Change the leader, reply to, let Crystal accompany me on a trip.

So, after Crystal called home, we quickly set off. The journey went smoothly, and we chatted recklessly. I strengthened her determination, on a familiar young woman, a young woman who had been coveted for a long time.

After arriving in Melbourne, one is one o’clock in the afternoon, we casually ate something, after the goods arrived at the factory, it was not smooth at all, waited until the inspection of the goods, it was already four o’clock, and then to the finance, the bank draft can only be done tomorrow. Hey, god’s gift, the opportunity has come. Crystal called home with my cell phone and said she wouldn’t go. I deliberately found a more upscale hotel, registered and opened a room, but opened two rooms.

Sex with my female colleague in melbourne
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After dinner, Crystal has been watching TV in my room. Because the hotel room was particularly hot, I only wore autumn clothes and autumn pants, crystal also took off the coat, wore a thin sweater on the upper body, the kind of silk mesh, the white bra inside was faintly visible, the breasts of the woman who had given birth to a child were surprisingly large, the top was like two Fuji mountains, I lay on the bed Crystal sitting on the bed opposite me, naturally speaking of sex, but Crystal was not open like at home, a little restrained. The conversation seems to be far away, talking about the view of sex, I deliberately provoked that the man and the woman on that little thing, in fact, is a layer of paper, as long as two people are willing, happy, sex is innocent, to me really uncomfortable to solve it by themselves, this and find someone to do what is different, as long as they are sexual pleasure, do not image each other’s life, what is the harm. Speaking of this, she bowed her head and kept biting her lower lip, and I said, “You look like you crystal, at home, let your husband look and touch, go out and have to pretend to be fake, in fact, the west is still those things, why be too hypocritical, and not a key and a lock.” Speaking of this, she should naturally understand. “I’m not like you, I solve it by impulse, of course, mostly by myself.”

At this time, Crystal did not have the heart to watch TV at all, turned her head to the side, and timidly whispered, how do you solve it yourself, at this time I saw that her face was glowing red, her chest was obviously higher, and her legs were hard. I quickly said, I want to see it, I will show you. I jumped out of bed, my big gun was already hard and indestructible, and the top of my autumn pants could only mention the navel of this.

Whoever is rare turned his head inward and said, “I don’t have to eat kidney treasure here.”

She smiled and turned back, casually said, “Fuck you”, and wanted to hit me with her hand, I was already uncontrollable, Shunshi pushed her down on the bed, she was somewhat half pushed, my big hanging was just pressing against his triangle, through the thin pants, I felt her already steaming, she blocked her hands on her chest, I lifted her hands up hard, at this time my suspension almost bore the weight of my whole body, pressed against her warm pussy, just separated by a layer of pants. She was obedient and didn’t move. I said, “With you there, I won’t solve it myself.” He, looking at me with wide eyes, said, “Hmm, it’s cheaper for you today’.

Sex with my female colleague in melbourne

I swiped my hand twice on her Boobs, and suddenly lifted the obstructive coat from her waist, pulled the breast shield hard, and the two large meat balls jumped out, and she also made a little sound, I was already a little excited, one hand grabbed, with my thumb to beat the slightly dark nipple, with my mouth quickly biting the other breast, at this time the crystal was a little loud, as if constantly inhaling in, and issued a soft moan, the body undulating.

Three times five divided by two, I took off a sperm, I pulled her jeans back, revealing the white panties, wow, it was all wet, I gently pulled down with my teeth, along with her pants, at this time there was only a white breast covering on her body, I had no time to take care of the upper half, quickly pulled out her clit with my hand, some liquid was already lying on the base of her thighs, her pubic hair was not very rich, but the water was very much, the tip of my tongue went to lick trying to find his clitoris, she was a little upturned, I dragged her span with my hand, This made her already caught up in excitement, her pussy trembling.

The mouth keeps coming out. yes.. The sound, as if to say don’t don’t don’t do anything like that. Her labia were somewhat turned out, probably because she had just given birth, but the water was so special that it had already spilled onto the sheets.

I sucked heavily, her whole body was shaking, ah… pander to.. beg.. Please, don’t do this. Well, I… Can’t stand it, oops, oops, a… I saw that she had entered the state, so I quickly knelt down in front of her, grabbed my big hanging with my hand, followed her crack, rubbed the glans up and down, ah… yes…. yes.. Her cry grew louder, as if she had forgotten the place.

Sex with my female colleague in melbourne

I stood the glans full of pussy juices, stood upright at the mouth of her hole for a long time, and carried a little of the glans into her vagina, because I loved watching her expression as my penis thrust in with full force. At this point, I thrust in with all my might, perhaps too hard, and her vagina was too wet and didn’t have any resistance, so that my egg hit her pussy with some pain, and the sudden foreign body surprised her.

The moment I inserted, she had a big mouth, ah… Almost the upper part of my body was up, I liked how she felt, she hugged me, and she didn’t know how to express it in her mouth!!

Just take care of it. yes…. yes…… Screaming non-stop, my penis was loosening in her vagina, she was also cooperating with her, her vagina was a little loose, it could also be a lubrication problem, and every time I pulled out, I could bring out bubbles, hit her pussy, and make a pop. Poof. , she has melted, unscrupulous kicking, never thought, the woman’s estrus is the expression back to this Mo rich, the scream will be this mo, I want to cover her mouth several times, she all twisted her head to the side, hmm… yes…. yes…. yes…

A little deeper, a little deeper, a little deep You ,,, fast,,,, ah… I suddenly pulled it all out of her vagina, she opened her eyes desperately, and pulled my stride in with both hands to push in, I said, baby, little click, there is still someone in the hallway, she only has the strength to nod, I turned her over, she very clearly turned over, put her ass up, twisted her head towards me, I smiled at him, waist straight, poof, sitting fast piston is the movement, her pussy began to twist uncontrollably. Her ass was absolutely superb, plump and unfluous enough to make my hang almost all inserted. Her cry is still ah…

Her vagina was hot and I had the desire to ejaculate, at which point I pulled it out, with the position of the front so that I could penetrate deeply when I ejaculated, she almost cried out for me to insert, I became a new entry, full of speed, so that my dick could be in her body for a longer time, ah… I thrust in and pressed my hand on her little belly, I felt the opening of her womb, she screamed so loud, and finally, I spilled all my semen all over her, her vagina had some contractions, not just excitement or deliberate, I climbed on top of her and she wouldn’t let my big hanging out until he slid out on his own. There was also white semen staining the sheets.

Sex with my female colleague in melbourne

Sex with my female colleague in melbourne

 In this way, she did not go to her room to rest, we were together, as long as, my hanging hard, I will go to him, and each time longer than once, she finally excited when the thing, ah… yes… That’s enough.. That’s enough.. I’ve got to be full, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes….. yes….. We did it four times that day. She also barked all night. The next day, when I got up, it was almost ten o’clock, happy passion, just get up and back down, haha.

When it was time to check her out, the waiter on the floor filled out the list for us, ten seventeen or eighteen-year-old girls, and when they saw us, I found him smiling on the ground… ay… Hear what’s again.

I can’t forget this time like passion, things are done very smoothly, back to sydney, back to the unit, the joke is still open, but there is no chance to have sex again, it seems, crystal also has a conscious avoidance, after all, her husband’s family is still in this city. We didn’t overdo it either, and we were still colleagues. Guarantee each other a full life. This is the charm of passion.


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