Just like the novel, our tea parties hold the same amount of quirkiness, perhaps with a little more australia escort and a lot less G or PG. Around us isn’t the Cheshire Cat or even March the Hare or the Mad Hatter himself, rather before me is a beautiful courtesan, an alluring sex kitten and an exotic goddess with her boy toy for the evening. Her boy toy’s quiet demeanour suggests he won’t stay very long and awaits his approval to leave.

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A very unique tea party where we chat about the peachy aromas in a newly found tin decorated in soft splashes of pink, a new kind of Jasmine quite fitting in a silver bomb of green leaves, just over a teaspoon of honey brought up by room service.  along with packets of various colours determining the flavours of tea we have yet to discover. Orange Pekoe perhaps or traditional English Breakfast from Ceylon, I always look forward to having tea with ladies who always seem to give me fabulous reasons to be whisked away from the city of Sydney.One thing is for certain and that the mouth-watering mix of dessert and tea. Remove alcohol content, add in weird and wonderful desserts instead and there you will find what our romance is made out of. A bowl of meringue covered in a green-like moss filled with sugar rushes of all sorts, peanut butter goodness shaped as a high rise tart, heavenly trifle filled with delicate passionfruit crunches and pockets of delightful whipped cream.  Add in some RnB and we then have an exotic dance class. There is a show on how to be graceful with the ‘bicycle’ and ‘the worm’ and the beautiful courtesan with her grace and swan like movement give me a glimpse into her secret lovers’ dance. 

Conversation continuously fills the room with findings of delicious dessert cafés down alley ways and recipes of cup cakes made out of Asian jams and as the night goes on, naughtiness overtakes topics of conversation as the beautiful courtesan and the alluring sex kitten exchange fantasies and kinky fetishes. All of this continues whilst we sip more tea and spoonfuls of dessert.

It’s much like a little family away from home, in a warm and homey environment. We call each other up when we know it’s needed and make each other happy with a few of the simplest things in life, company, tea and dessert. We know when one of us feels down, and we are ok with it, a text admitting to having ‘the sads’, eating a wheel of cheese when stood up on a date, gathering our heels and heading to the nearest dessert bar when an exciting tie and tease experience doesn’t eventuate.As well as support it’s also fabulous to celebrate over tea. When you hear laughter and giggles and perhaps even a squeal or a screech you will know such celebrations have been had over a new apartment being leased, a four poster bed found in a presidential suite, an exciting photoshoot on the horizon in a dreamy estate far out of town. And to celebrate romance. I love that we can converse over literature that begs me to dig out Anne of Green Gables, poetry recitals of Gibran and Lawrence, and sex – lots of stories on sex and kink. These are the events that happen during our tea-parties, a catch up, a gathering of ladies with so much to tell, so much knowledge and experience to share along side all of the other wonderful ingredients that all add up to a not so ordinary tea party. 


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