How to last longer during sex

Everything You should know:How to last longer during sex

Men feel that the longer they fight in bed, the more they can show their superiority, let alone whether the women agree with this view, let’s just discuss how to make your combat power last for several hours. and that how to last longer during sexThere is a master in the following who will comprehensively analyze his “tactics“.

How to last longer during sex
  • Tappers

In fact, what IInearby want to share in this article is not what kind of sheep’s eye ring or lock ring or other things, but very basic things – condoms. Maybe you will find it strange, what is there to attack on the condom? This is wrong, the condom is like a sword for you to make love, but if the condom makes you useful, it is not safe
This may not be understood by gentlemen, but I will illustrate it with my own example. In a sex with my girlfriend, as usual, I bravely did it for an hour and a half, but because my girlfriend’s vagina was obviously dry that day, I jerked it violently after inserting it, and after ejaculation, I pulled it out to find that the condom was actually broken by me, and Qianrui was still broken, I quickly put my finger under my girlfriend to find it, and looked for five or six minutes to find the fragment.
And since that time, I often feel too dry when making love, I will always worry about whether the condom will break again, and here I would advise everyone to use the condom to use the vitality type of Derrys, which I think is the most wearable, of course, if you gentlemen want to have a mentality that will not be broken, it is also possible, because, according to my research, when there is such a mentality, people’s attention will not be concentrated, so that the ejaculation time can be extended by about a third, maybe you can try it

Everything You should know:How to last longer during sex

In addition, if you gentlemen are really sensitive, you may ejaculate quickly, you can try to wear two layers of condoms, this is the fastest way to prolong ejaculation, no practice without taking medicine, convenient and do not hurt the body without side effects, can be described as a beginner and premature ejaculatory must-have recipe, effective in my opinion, can extend the ejaculation time back by double, very effective to last longer during sex.

  • Attack Technique:

First of all, when you have sex, do you always think: I want to do it longer, I want to do it longer. Do you think so? However, in the process of my experiment, I found that when I have been thinking that I want to ejaculate fast, but I can’t ejaculate, in the process of my research, I found that this is because, when you have been trying to ejaculate quickly, your penis will be in and out of the action will be relatively small, you will want to fast in and out, but your glans is in the other party’s vagina, if the other party’s vagina is from the outside to the inside is present from narrow to wide, then your old two heads are rubbing in the relatively wide place in the other party’s vagina, then imagine how it is possible to ejaculate quickly.

How to last longer during sex

So instead, come back and think about how you’re going to delay ejaculation
First of all, you have to explore what the shape of the other party’s vagina is, which section is tighter, which section is looser, which section makes you feel more, which section makes you less likely to ejaculate, and then cooperate with the ancient people’s principle of three shallow and one deep, nine shallow and one deep, directly piercing her flower heart, so that you can slowly ejaculate, and the other party will always feel the orgasm, which is the meaning of the so-called knowing the other and knowing oneself
First understand the other party and then attack, if you want to let the other party have a very strong sense of pleasure, please put your penis action a little bigger, a plug in the end, when pulled out, pull out the glans only one-third to one-half of the body, this technique will often be pulled out of the glans at the beginning, but practice a few times, the strength you pull out will be more and more accurate, so that the other party’s pleasure will be greater than your pleasure Oh, of course, this technique is to cooperate with the back of this posture to use, say it to everyone for reference, I hope that everyone in the same way will have a lot of discussion.

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