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As much as it is the law of gravity, the same can be said when a play date comes to an end. What goes up must come down.

The intensity and euphoria of sexual pleasure when two bodies entwine, how a kiss can take you to a far away place allowing you to get lost in passion and romance. The excitement of exploring the unknown, the new, the special spots that beckons deep silent moans. Sigh’s unprompted, gasps taken by surprise leaving a long lasting tingle down your spine.

You wish you could be in this state of bliss for just a little while longer. “Slow down” are the only whispered words amongst the exchange of heavy breathing, sensual sighs and the need to close your eyes as hands not belonging to you feel every part and inch of your body. Fingers touch and lightly slide across backs, down legs. Caresses of breasts, fingers running through hair across the chest, hands clutching, bottom lip biting. The highest of high experienced sometimes more than once, and if by chance, taken by surprise, the release is not usually welcome (yet) but yet a mind blowing feeling will occur causing your entire world to almost shatter.

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A conversation without words spoken is evident through looks of lust and passion in each others eyes. An intense silence replace what is not allowed to be spoken. Ready to burst and begging to be voiced, it is with great reluctance that someone has to pull away. A soft kiss follow in an attempt to make up for the unwanted separation of unison and the admittance of feelings that should not be present.

Time becomes the enemy, the inevitable of needing to say good bye.

If only I could live in romance and passion. But my romance is mostly temporary. It is set and bound by time. Before long I have to come back down to earth and accept my romance had to walk out the door back to a romance and reality that isn’t mine. My romance leaves when he leaves. What’s left behind are feelings of angst and doubt when thoughts of it being nothing more than a mere infatuation that can be lost in an instant.

As I watch the door close, minutes will pass and I will still be gazing without movement. The aftermath of having to feel the heaviness and emptiness of ‘down’ mandatorily adjoined to the glorious, ecstatic feeling of ‘up’. Days later thoughts still linger as events are replayed like a romantic movie in my head.

Although perceived as one who can control emotions,a working lady should be strong and able to control emotions, who is able to cut off and forget. All is supposed to be forgotten once she leaves, her handbag with a healthy envelope as the car she sits in exits the driveway of her lover’s abode. A lover who at the same time ongs for more of her, he ponders, pours himself a drink and reminisces the evening he just experienced. Not wanting the encounter to end, he has to accept his return to where he was before she arrived.

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As much as lovers feel the effects of play date withdrawals, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is alone. Sometimes you will find a WL who is also experiencing the withdrawals of a magical date she’s just had. Holding onto memories and with the hope that her lover will call her again soon.


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